Carolyn's Kids

Picture of Carolyn B. Peddy

In January 2007, the Oakland Elementary School and community lost a beloved friend and colleague, Carolyn B. Peddy. Carolyn was a devoted parent and teacher who for over 30 years personally and generously addressed the needs of students in the classroom and beyond. Her contribution to students included more than academics. Sometimes it was paper and pencils; other times it was shoes or coats. Whatever was lacking that would improve a student’s well being, she tried to provide.

Each year, the school honors a 5th grade student who consistently models exemplary citizenship traits. That award has been named the Carolyn Peddy Citizenship award.

Now her memory and devotion are being honored by the establishing of Carolyn’s Kid’s Fund to continue her efforts of assisting Oakland students. The fund has been established with the support of the Carroll County Public School Division, and is currently accepting contributions from those who wish to perpetuate her memory. Ongoing contributions to the funds will be a lasting tribute to Carolyn and her generosity towards students.

Tax deductable contributions are invited and can be made to:

Oakland Elementary School

4930 Pipers Gap Rd.

Galax, Va 24333

Designate your gift to Carolyn’s Kid’s Fund. All gifts will be receipted and the Peddy family will receive notice. Contact the school at (276) 236-3049 if you have any questions.

Picture of Zaira Sierra recieving her award

Zaira Sierra

2006 - 2007

Picture of Coutney Cox receiving her award

Courtney Cox


Picture of Hunter Bryant and Kaitlyn Coske receiving their award

Hunter Bryant & Kaitlyn Coske


Picture of Lucy Carpenter receiving her award

Lucy Carpenter

2009 - 2010

Picture of Sadie Golding receiving her award

Sadie Golding

2010 - 2011

Picture of Colton Cruise receiving his award

Colton Cruise

2011 - 2012

Picture of Hannah Burnette receiving her award

Hannah Burnette


Picture of Chloe Vaughn receiving her award.

Chloe Vaughn


Picture of TJ Sexton receiving his award.

TJ Sexton


Picture of Bethanie Brown receiving her award

Bethanie Brown


Picture of Trevor Vadeboncoeur receiving his award.

Trevor Vadeboncoeur


Harli Delp