Instructional Staff

Picture of Larry Williams

Larry Williams


Picture of Kim Reitzel

Kim Reitzel

School Counselor

Picture of Faye Fritz

Faye Fritz

Reading Coach

Picture of Joe Shumate

Joe Shumate

Physical Education Teacher

Picture of Scarlett McKenzie

Scarlett McKenzie

Library / Media Specialist

Picture of Justin Moore

Justin Moore

Music Teacher /

County Intercession Coordinator

Picture of Robyn Roper

Robyn Roper

Art Teacher

Picture of Mindy Alford

Mindy Alford

Special Education Teacher

Judy Upchurch

Special Education Teacher

Picture of Sandra Boyer

Sandra Boyer

Title 1 Teacher

Picture of Kelly Crawford

Kelly Crawford

Title 1 Aide

Picture of Julie Mullins

Julie Mullins

Title 1 Aide

Picture of Liza Sutherland

Liza Sutherland

ESL Teacher

Picture of Jill Saunders

Jill Saunders

Speech-Language Pathologist

Picture of Josh Edmonds

Josh Edmonds


Picture of Deena Carico

Deena Carico

Americorp Tutor

Picture of Dee Toliver

Dee Toliver

Americorp Tutor

Brenda Hill

Americorp Tutor

Picture of Samantha Davis

Samantha Davis

FPS Counselor